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Wake up call || Charlie&Ryan

Blonde wasn’t sure when she fell asleep last night. After whole day of going across Dallas, visiting the most amazing places, having the best time, things got down the hill as soon as they headed back home. And it was pretty much tense, for both of them. Things were said, Charlie got a glimpse of what’s going on inside Ryan’s head, and in one moment she had enough of everything, and needed a time out, hence the bathroom and texting with Falcon. As much as it was pathetic to lock yourself, she thought it was necessary so she wouldn’t snap in front of him, because she knew herself very good, once she looses control things would get even worse, and Ryan had a tough temper as well. So it was better this way. But after a few minutes, she finally came out, and joined him on the couch to eat some food and watch movies. Talk at this point wasn’t necessary. I mean, it was, but after everything, it was better to keep mouth shut for now. Charlie ate a lot of chinese, and somewhere after forty minutes of the first movie, her eyes couldn’t take it all anymore and she just drifted off. She must have been exhausted, because she was in deep sleep when she started waking up, hearing her phone ringing. Opening her eyes, she was in the bedroom, with Ryan sleeping next to her side. Crawling out of the bed quietly, she went to the living room on her toes, and got her phone. “What is it, Mel? Yeah, i stopped by last night. Mhm, i’ll finish the project today, you can tell Serah to calm herself. Yes, my part. Is she done with hers? Well just tell her to speed up, i don’t want for it to fail because her ass can’t get out of bed. Okay, bai hun.”she hanged up, and threw her phone on the couch. “Hey Jake, let’s make coffee.”she petted the dog for a moment, and headed towards the kitchen, making two big cups of it, and giving some food to Jake, she returned to the bed, slowly sitting on the side Ryan was at, waiting for him to start smelling sweetness of coffee. Today is going to be a good day. There was enough of drama last night. Leaning a bit closer to him, she kissed his nose gently, before whispering. “Wake up.”she said softly, bringing her hand up to his cheek, caressing his smooth skin.


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    Ryan chuckled softly, his blue eyes fixed on her features while he continued his movements on her flesh. He wanted her,...
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    Charlie fought for some breath as she kept her body pressed to his, so close, making her want him so much with the way...